All the Things We Never Knew – Sheila Hamilton

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All the Things We Never Knew – Sheila HamiltonAll the Things We Never Knew by Sheila Hamilton
Published by Seal Press on October 13, 2015
Genres: Death & Grief, Depression & Mental Illness, Emotions & Feelings, Mental Health, Personal Memoirs
Pages: 312
Format: Kindle
Source: Netgalley
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Even as a reporter, Sheila Hamilton missed the signs as her husband David’s mental illness unfolded before her. By the time she had pieced together the puzzle, it was too late. Her once brilliant and passionate partner was dead within six weeks of a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, leaving his young daughter and wife without so much as a note to explain his actions, a plan to help them recover from their profound grief, or a solution for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt that they would inherit from him.
All the Things We Never Knew takes readers on a breathtaking journey from David and Sheila’s romance through the last three months of their life together and into the year after his death. It details their unsettling spiral from ordinary life into the world of mental illness, examines the fragile line between reality and madness, and reveals the true power of love and forgiveness.

sucide card4.25 Stars

♦ Books about suicide aren’t fun reads by any stretch of the imagination.
But they are necessary. Over 41,000 people commit suicide every year. It is a silent epidemic as the families and friends left behind generally feel lost and alone in their grief. All the Things We Never Knew is both a reference book, filled with facts and studies to increase knowledge and a powerful memoir that pulls back the curtain on what a family goes through in the aftermath. Sheila Hamilton’s husband David was intense and captivating. He also had bipolar disorder that was not properly treated. His decent into his own mind is captured in a powerful way. The impact on his family was showcased in a way to not garner pity but to help educate. Certain tales stay with you, and All the Things We Never Knew is one of them. More needs to be done to showcase why mental health care is so important and books such as this help do that. Anyone questioning why funding and research is so important needs to read All the Things We Never Knew and see first hand the impact had on everyone surrounding the individual. I applaud Sheila Hamilton for her courage in opening up and discussing a painful and intimate issue.

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF SUICIDOLOGY – Suicide Prevention is Everyone’s Business

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), provides access to trained telephone counselors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. hotline

◊ Favorite lines – “Grief is like an unwelcome stranger, an abductor who comes just at the moment you least expect and puts a black sack over your head, whisking you away to a dark, unknown place. Just when I thought I could cope with the idea of David’s absence, I would wake up confused and traumatized all over again. His birthday, Easter, Christmas, and the anniversary of his disappearance all seemed to tear at the scab that had formed over the emotional wound.”

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Overall: four-stars

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