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Arbor Day – BL AlleyArbor Day by B.L. Alley
Published by Lone Peak Publishing on April 5, 2014
Genres: Alien Invasion, First Contact, Science Fiction
Pages: 380
Format: EBook
Source: Author
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Some things shouldn't be planted. April 30, 2060. Life is good in the modest city of Lone Peak, Arizona. Clean air, friendly neighbors, and a simpler way of life are enjoyed by all, until an unprecedented event changes the town forever. Cut off from the outside world, a demolition technician and his team use their experience and skills to establish a temporary shelter. When help doesn't arrive as expected, however, they must do more than simply wait in order to survive. As the threat continues to grow they must find the solution before time runs out.

bs crazy Arbor Day has some great things going for it and then some not so great. The world built was fantastic and action packed. The characters were fully realized and played well against each other. The pacing totally threw me off. At one point the book skips forward eight months but you are not told. One chapter ends, the next begins and just goes forward with no mention of the time jump. I was super confused and it took me about three more chapters to figure out what had happened. I would have appreciated some heads up, even a generic Eight Months Later… before the chapter began. My other main issue was there was no big closure or hook for the next book. Yes, I know this is the first in a series and the world and character building has to be done in this one, but I wanted something at the end to POP. Instead it was, well we’re still working on it, join us next time. Arbor Day is classified as an alien invasion/first contact book on Amazon but no aliens are mentioned in the book at all. I wanted the last chapter to have at least a glimpse of them or a big disclosure to make me need to read the next book for more. I will say that once the world altering event happens the action is well placed and continuous, I was never bored reading Arbor Day. At times confused, but never bored. I would be interested to finish the series to see if all the building in book one comes to fruition in book two.

Favorite lines – The answer became obvious when the airliner’s normally quiet electric engines suddenly whined again as it skimmed the top of Hot Rock Mountain and dove toward the desert floor below. A moment later it disappeared and a cloud of dust billowed into the air.

Biggest cliché – “No I don’t want to be in charge, I just want you all to do as I say.”

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Rating Report
Overall: three-stars

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