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It’s time for my favorite day of the week, Author Tuesday!

This week we are featuring an interview with Lynsey James author of Just the Way You Are and The Broken Hearts Book Club (see my review of Just the Way You Are here and The Broken Hearts Book Club here). Just the Way You Are currently has a 4 star rating on Amazon and The Broken Hearts Book Club has a 3.9 star on Amazon. In addition to her interview Lynsey is giving away one copy each of Just the Way You Are and The Broken Hearts Book Club, Kindle or Ebook. So please enter away, using the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway will be open till 11:59 pm MST Monday, December 14, 2015.

Please provide a quick intro about yourself and your writing.

broken hearts
My name’s Lynsey James, author of romantic comedies and lover of all things chocolate. I write romantic comedies with lovely heroes and heroines who manage to land themselves in all kinds of trouble.

1) Why should people read your book?

People should read my book if they like love letters, a rather lovely hero and a heroine who’s pretty much useless in the romance department. If you like all that, you may like Just the Way You Are!

2) Where is your favorite place to write?

I have two—my bedroom and my little spot in the corner of the living room. They’re both comfy and cosy and I can get loads done there. Well, when I’m not on Facebook and Twitter, that is…

3) What are you currently working on (new book, remodeling your home…)?

I’m working on book number three, which I can’t say too much about yet because it’s in the really early stages. I’m loving playing with some new characters though!

4) What is your favorite comfort book (the book you re-read because of how it makes you think/feel)?

It has to be Fairytale of New York by Miranda Dickinson, who’s one of my favourite authors. It never fails to make me smile; Rosie Duncan has to be one of the best female characters ever!

5) What is the next book in your TBR (to be read) pile?

I’ve got so many, but I’d love to read The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson. My best friend gave me it for my birthday because she knows I love her and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

6) Turn on your music player and hit shuffle – what song/artist comes up first?

Moving to New York by The Wombats. I’m quite surprised by that actually, thought it might be ABBA or something else cheesy…

7) What’s your random talent (balancing a spoon on your nose, saying the alphabet backwards…)?

I’m quite good at accents. I can do quite a few of them after a few drinks, including Yorkshire, Newcastle and Essex. I also do quite a good impression of Janice from Friends.

8) Ask the reviewer – what question have you always wanted to ask a book reviewer?

I’d like to know how tricky it is to review a book you didn’t like by an author you do like. How do you strike the balance between being honest about the book and not hurting an author’s feelings? Laura – This is a hard thing. I have had a few, one that particularly sticks out in my mind and the key is to be gracious. I am always honest in my reviews but never hurtful. I will state what the issues were in the book (pacing, tone, character development and the like) but will never disparage the author themselves. It’s okay to not like every book you read, but I always remember that the author is an actual person with feelings. 

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