Escape Points A Memoir – Michele Weldon

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Escape Points A Memoir – Michele WeldonEscape Points by Michele Weldon
on September 1, 2015
Genres: Biography & Autobiography, Women, Personal Memoirs, Family & Relationships, Parenting, Motherhood
Pages: 272
Format: Kindle
Source: Netgalley
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Deftly lacing heartbreak with humor and insight, Michele Weldon provides a potent antidote to the crazy, harried, single mom stereotype inEscape Points. Untethered from a comfortable, upper-middle-class life with a handsome but abusive attorney husband, Weldon relates the challenges and triumphs of the years that followed as she raised three growing sons alone in the face of cancer, an ambitious career, and the shadow of her ex. As she maneuvers through a complicated life of long daily commutes, radiation treatments, supporting three boys' all-consuming high school wrestling careers, and trying to mitigate their hurt and resentment at an absent father, Weldon shows that single mothers, and their children, can succeed when others—neighbors, family, teachers, and in this case one incredible wrestling coach—step in to fill the void and the remaining parent stays the course with common sense and dutiful love.

♦ I always feel bad when I don’t love a memoir. This is someone real talking about their real life and issues, and I like people and I want to love their stories. But this was another memoir that I just could not click with. An abused woman, leaves her husband and raises three boys while dealing with breast cancer should be super powerful. But to me thus read more like a check list of time, on this date I did this, and on this date I did that. I wanted to feel an emotional tie with the author not get a book length day planner. Now I will say the parts dealing with her ex in court were the emotion I wanted to see, those scenes just made you ache for her. Unfortunately those were the only times I felt that connection.

◊ Favorite lines from Chapter 22 – “My stomach feels now as if it is somewhere above my rib cage, and I try to act like I am not drowning in all the unhappiness, all the sordid details of who did what to whom, all the shame and the fault and the pain, the long‑ ago hurts.”

Δ What makes you feel a kinship with a writer?


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