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Fishing with RayAnne – Ava Finch Fishing with Rayanne by Ava Finch
Published by Lake Union Publishing on November 3, 2015
Genres: Fiction, Humorous, Contemporary Women
Pages: 295
Format: Kindle
Source: Netgalley
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RayAnne Dahl goes fishing for a different life, catching much more than she’d bargained for...
Having fled the testosterone-soaked world of pro fishing to finally settle in her Minneapolis fixer-upper, thirty-something RayAnne unexpectedly lands at the helm of the first all-women fishing and talk show. Between her dad's falling off the wagon, unwanted advice from Mom—a life coach to the menopausal rich—and her clingy dog, she needs the advice of her beloved grandmother more than ever.
With the show’s surprise success, producers press for celebrity appearances, but fans tweet support for RayAnne and her quirky guests, real women with unique stories and something to say. And though handsome Hal tempts RayAnne, he is a sponsor, rocketing him to the top of her don’ts list.
Just when she’s shedding uncertainty, RayAnne’s world nearly capsizes, and she’s faced with gut-wrenching choices. Will she live by the rules, or by her heart?

fishing Fishing with RayAnne was good, not great. Our main character, RayAnne, has a philandering alcoholic father, a mother who leads menopause retreats and a job that, even after a year, is still considered temporary. RayAnne is also a woman that just needs to get her shit together. She is afraid to look at her bills, look at her work correspondence, she hides her phone in a drawer and she generally made me want to shake some sense into her. The first half of the book whipped by with little backstory and lots of questions. The pacing slowed and the character exploration grew in the second half and that’s where it got good. It would have been a much better read if some of the plot elements from the second half were introduced in the first half so confusion was abated. But this was not a bad book. Fishing with RayAnne was a step above average due to the incredibly detailed and fantastic supporting cast; the goth showrunner, the crazy nephews, the love interest and the parents were the shining stars of this book.  If I had not wanted to smack the main character and tell her to put her big girl panties on and deal with life I would have liked the book more. Now, I know that was the plot line, but making a successful woman seem childish just rubs me the wrong way. There are other ways to move a plot than to do “poor helpless me”. That said the world created was very real and the second half of the books pacing was spot on.

Favorite lines – “There was something the Birkett twins had said, something she’d thought enough of to paraphrase in pink chalk on the kitchen hall blackboard. Choose who you are. Kira had said, “We didn’t choose how we are…” and Kit finished, “but at least we can choose who we are.” This directive confronts RayAnne every time she bangs in the back door, and for as much as it sounds like something her mother might say, she has to admit, it can’t hurt to try. She will choose who she is, now that she has the time to figure out how.”

Biggest cliche – “I’m just a poor girl, nobody loves me.”

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Rating Report
Overall: three-half-stars

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