Goddess of Suburbia – Stephanie Kepke

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Goddess of Suburbia – Stephanie KepkeGoddess of Suburbia by Stephanie Kepke
Published by Booktrope Editions on August 10, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Women, Romance
Format: Kindle
Source: Netgalley
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Suburbia meets scandal in this hopeful and honest portrayal of that moment in every woman’s life when it's time to make a change, even if that means risking losing it all. Goddess of Suburbia by Stephanie Kepke is a must-read for women looking to reconnect with their passions, and live authentically. When pillar of the community and PTA mom, Max, allowed her husband, Nick, to record a sex video of them on his cell phone, she thought of it as simply a way to keep Nick interested and entertained during his frequent business trips. But suddenly, Max is trending everywhere—her video lighting up the blogosphere and Twitter, thanks to the fact that she’s a genuine, imperfect woman. Now the paparazzi are chronicling her every move; her daughter wants to disown her; and her marriage has completely fallen apart. Just as things can't get any more chaotic, Max's college boyfriend, shows up two decades after he broke her heart. Now Max must learn to stop going through the motions of her life on auto-pilot and start living authentically, or risk forever being a suburban lemming running towards the cliff of old age.

3.75 Stars
♦ I loved the premise of this book; the idea that a very private event is suddenly out there for the world to see and judge, sounded very interesting. Max is portrayed as the every-woman – Mom, PTA chairperson, class room mother, and that also appealed to me. What I didn’t like was the fact that Max had to find validation in every man around her, she constantly believed they were going to leave her for a prettier woman and that she wasn’t good enough. I want a main character every-woman to actually realize that their happiness should be rooted in themselves, not in a man. Max spent too much time dithering between “does he like me or does he like me not” that could have been spent showing just how strong and resilient she was. And I’m sorry I don’t think a mother of four who had been married fifteen years and is only a month single is looking for their next love. I know it is just a book but people need time to grieve their losses. But beyond that, this was a very interesting book. It showcases just how something can become viral and the lengths the public and the media will go to clamoring for more. I really liked this book and with a bit more self confidence in regards to the main character it would have been elevated higher. Nevertheless, this is still a book I would recommend for a fast and cute weekend read.

◊ Favorite Lines* from Author’s Note – “There were times I thought that story would never see the light of day, but it was so important to me, I never gave up. So many editors and agents said that they loved the story, loved my writing, but couldn’t figure out how to market it. There’s no rakish billionaire in this story, no vampire, no star athlete, none of the characters agents and marketing departments adore— but there is one regular, overwhelmed mom whom readers connected with and loved. So I pushed on, hoping this book would find a home one day. I figured if I’d love to read about a mom whose house isn’t perfect and whose life is even messier, there were others out there who would also like to read about that. I’m so grateful and thrilled that I was right.” *I know these are not technically lines, but I love what the author stated. It made me excited to read the book and know that the main character was a regular person.

¤ Biggest Cliché – Needing to know that a man will find you appealing. Come on ladies, we need to think of ourselves as desirable, not depend on a man to justify us.

Δ What would you do if the paparazzi started following you?


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