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I mentioned a few weeks back that I signed up for the Guest of the Month Club over at Emily Reads Everything. I’m excited to bring you my first Guest  – Jamie from Books and Ladders. Today we are talking about our favorite holiday traditions. So without further ado, here is Jamie telling us about what she loves to do around the holidays.

I love Christmas. I have always loved Christmas and probably always will. It’s my favourite time of year and never fails to put a smile on my face. We never really had holiday traditions when I was younger except that we alternated between spending Christmas Day or Boxing Day with my extended families. Since I’ve gotten older, we have started doing more and more as a family — probably because we took for granted that we would always all be together. Since my cousins and I are older and the majority of us live on our own or at least have other relationships outside of our family, it has been getting harder and harder to coordinate a time when we can all be together. But we have come up with a solution.

Every year for the past six years, all my extended family and our friends get together on Christmas Eve for one big party. We eat lots of appetizers, drink lots of alcohol, and everyone is together for one fun night. It is my favourite time of the holidays because no matter what, we get to see everyone. Last year was the best year of all because everyone wore ugly Christmas sweaters and drank too much to the point that Christmas was … delayed the next day.

Once November rolls around, everyone starts talking about how much fun Christmas Eve will be this year and what different things we will be doing during the party. This year, I have a musical ugly Christmas sweater to wear and my dad bought an ugly Christmas suit. No matter what antics we get up to, I am just so glad I will be able to spend the time with everyone that I care about.

Jamie has a great tradition going! You can head over to Books and Ladders to see my traditions. Now, tell me some of yours.

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