Guest Post Guidelines and Post Ideas




125 Pages Guest Post Guidelines

Post must be original content. No “form” guest posts will be accepted.

Post must be a minimum of 200 words.

Post must be submitted as a MSWord document so I can edit, copy and paste.

Please keep it PG-13 at the max. I have occasional cursing on my site but try to limit it to direct quotes or memes.

Please make sure you include a link to your website and twitter.

Please include a picture for use. All images need be properly attributed/credited. If an image is not provided I will use an image of my choosing, generally a copy of your book cover. Picture may be sent as an email attachment or a link to the site where it is hosted.

I may edit the post and/or add links. I try to keep edits to a minimum. Links will be to my own posts, usually my review of your book.

Guest posts are usually posted on Fridays but may be moved to another weekday due to previous commitments.

Author guest posts must have received a three star or higher review on my site to be considered. I do not accept guest posts by authors I have not read or reviewed.

Posts, once submitted, are the property of 125Pages. Re-posts are acceptable if credit is attributed to and a link back to the site is provided.

Have fun with your post!

Guest Post Topic Ideas – Below are some topics you can use, or use as a jumping off point. I will also accept an original topic.

What book/character do you wish you had created?

What three characters do you wish you could hang out with?

What book/s inspired you to write?

What were your three favorite books when you were a teen?

What two authors do you think need to collaborate?

Who are your top three auto-buy authors?

What is your book guilty pleasure (i.e. historical romance, Gossip Girl, …)

What are three of your book comfort reads (the books you re-read for the feels)?

What are your feelings on book review blogs? Do they truly help an author?

What author/character would you like to go get drinks with?

What sets off your inner fangirl/boy?