Here We Go Again…

Hey there. I am back (again, I know) but this time I really am. Life has been a crazy mess but it has gotten better. I wanted to give everyone an update. My biopsy came back negative (YAY!!) and I just have to be rechecked in 6 months. I got some amazing support and advice from y’all, so thank you.

So back when I basically went off the rails it took me 2 months but I finally called my doctor who discovered that my thyroid meds were called in incorrectly by the new nurse in the office (generic rather than brand name, the generic does not work for me and I have no thyroid so I have no natural hormones), so for months I was taking the wrong meds. She also mentioned that I had not come in for my annual and it was already 3 months overdue so I adulted and made the appointment and went. I was diagnosed with PCOS and put on birth control pills and another med to lower the androgen in my system. Oh, and Vitamin D supplements, because even if you live in the land of sun you can be super low.

cfoawardOn the work front, I spoke to my boss about being overwhelmed and we came up with a plan. He had no idea I was struggling so I’m glad I was able to be honest. I’m delegating more to my 2 assistants and am working one day a week from home to get caught up. I have already finished 2 big projects and feel much more at ease. I also was nominated by my boss for the CFO of the Year awards and…  I won!!!! I am the Tucson CFO of the Year for Small and Medium Non-Profits.

On the home front, I talked to the hubs and we’ve come up with some plans for everyone to pitch in more and we may get a cleaner to come in once a week to help out. I’ve cleaned my bathroom and just this week I deep cleaned my kitchen. I’m taking one thing at a time, but just seeing my clean counters is a huge boost.

My book reviews are still behind but I reached out to two of my friends who are big readers and they are going to each read and review 2 books for me a month so I don’t fall further behind. I am planning to do one review a week and the publishers and authors I spoken to have all been very understanding. (THANK YOU!!)

So to sum up this long super personal post, you guys are amazing. I’m still struggling but I’ve realized that keeping it all in makes it worse. Thank you all.

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  1. As you stated in your post, to get a little personal…praise the Lord! I am so happy for you that the test came back negative! I am glad to hear things are taking a turn for the better for you! Keep us posted! I’ll keep you in my prayers! *hugs*

  2. It’s so nice to hear from you! I’m glad that things are getting better and it’s great you were able to be open and honest with your boss, family, doctor, and friends and now you’re getting a lot more help! We all need help, but I know it can be tough to ask for it. Anyway, congrats on winning CFO of the Year! That is SO cool!!

    Please let me know if you ever need to talk, or I can be of any help!

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