Hooked – Allen Wolf

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Hooked – Allen WolfHooked by Allen Wolf
Published by Morning Star on January 16, 2015
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 240
Format: Kindle
Source: Netgalley
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Desperate to find a soulmate in New York City, Shawn goes on one awkward date after another until he encounters the alluring Violet. He starts dating her, but his autism prevents him from understanding she's actually a prostitute. Drawn in by his kindness, Violet appreciates Shawn's quirky nature but conceals what she does after dark. This comedic tale of two misfits takes a dramatic turn when they are forced to make life altering choices. Their only hope for a future is to discover the courage that comes from loving someone deeply.

3.75 Stars

All Shawn wants to do is get married. He works IT at an exclusive online dating site, but can never get past date one. He wonders if his high functioning autism may be to blame, but it’s not like he can change. When he meets Violet at a Pimps and Ho’s party he is instantly smitten, but does not understand that she is an actual prostitute. For Violet, meeting Shawn is like waking up from a long dark sleep. He treats her like an actual person and not an object. The only thing certain for Shawn and Violet is that nothing in their lives will be certain from now on.

I enjoyed this story but it is very obvious that it is set up for a movie. From the meet cute to the missed signs to the “dramatic” conclusion it all flows but has no true substance. Every issue is buttoned up very neatly and even the drama was a neat four pages and done. The characters had very little back story and motivations were made very clear very fast. Occasionally a minor character would have a thought that you would “hear” through one or two sentences and it threw off the story a tiny bit as you would have to re-read to see whose voice it was. It was also a very fast read, I was done in about an hour and a half. None of these things makes the book bad, it just could have been deep and powerful but was instead a rom-com. At the heart of Hooked is a powerful message on human trafficking and I truly like that the author is giving a portion of the proceeds to a charity fighting trafficking. If you are looking for a dramatic tale this is not it, but for a fluff read it was very good. 


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