My Kind of Crazy – Robin Reul

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My Kind of Crazy – Robin ReulMy Kind of Crazy by Robin Reul
Published by Sourcebooks Fire on April 5, 2016
Genres: Depression & Mental Illness, Humorous, Teen, Young Adult
Pages: 256
Format: Kindle
Source: Netgalley
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Despite the best of intentions, seventeen-year old, wisecracking Hank Kirby can’t quite seem to catch a break. It’s not that he means to screw things up all the time, it just happens. A lot. Case in point: his attempt to ask out the girl he likes literally goes up in flames when he spells “Prom” in sparklers on her lawn…and nearly burns down her house.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, Peyton Breedlove, a brooding loner and budding pyromaniac, witnesses the whole thing. Much to Hank’s dismay, Peyton takes an interest in him—and his “work.” The two are thrust into an unusual friendship, but their boundaries are tested when Hank learns that Peyton is hiding some dark secrets, secrets that may change everything he thought he knew about Peyton.

sparklersgif I wanted to love My Kind of Crazy. But instead, I liked it, but I did not like like it. Hank is stuck; his dad drinks too much and has a stripper girlfriend, his one friend is rumored to be the son of a mobster and his promposal backfired and set his dream girl Amanda’s front yard on fire. Then the weird girl Peyton starts talking to him like they are kindred spirits. She was the lone witness to his sparkler debacle and as a firebug herself feels close to him.

Robin Reul created a very real world in My Kind of Crazy. The settings fit the story and the characters. The pacing was good, some scenes felt a bit rushed, but overall it worked. The writing was sharp and conveyed emotion well. The emotions were solid; nice highs and lows with an undercurrent of sadness. The plot and character were what lacked to me. My Kind of Crazy tackled some heavy issues, such as depression, parental abuse, and alcoholism, but glossed over them and never seemed to really focus on getting anyone help. The characters were very self centered and even when faced with a glaring issue that should have made them seek help, they moved past it quickly.

My Kind of Crazy was not a bad read, it just did not delve as deeply into the serious issues it raised as it should have. The prevalence of mental health issues in YA is not new, and when it is used as just a plot issue, instead of a teachable moment makes me a little frustrated. Reul could have reached such a deep place but instead put a happy veneer over everything. So if you are looking for a deep meaningful read, this is not it. But if you want a decent fun read with some emotional parts My Kind of Crazy is your read.

Favorite lines – I understand feeling like no one gives a damn about you. Feeling alone, and in the way, and believing that maybe things would be easier if you weren’t around. We simply have different ways of dealing with it. So maybe she isn’t really crazy; maybe she’s just lonely. She might not have acted that way if she’d thought someone genuinely cared about her.

Biggest cliché – My prom date dictates my future.

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Rating Report
Overall: three-stars

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