PR Requests

Publisher, Agent or Public Relations Firm

Please read on if you are a seeking a review, guest post or interview for your author or if you are a bookish related company seeking a product review or giveaway. If you are an author including self-published and indie, please follow review request instructions here.

Review requests will be considered if they meet my review requirements listed here.

I generally am scheduled out at least three months in advance. For a review at publication date I must receive the book at least 8 weeks prior to publication.

I am currently accepting select Adult, New Adult and Young Adult books for review. I will only respond to review requests of accepted books as I receive over 50 requests a month. I accept e-books (epub, mobi and pdf), print ARCs and finished copies. I am not accepting audio books at this time. I enjoy most genre’s except for – Horror, Mystery, Western, Erotica, Poetry, and Religious (faith based is fine).

Books received after the specified time frame are not guaranteed a review by the publication date. I will accept already published books for review with no guarantee given on review date. In addition to this website I will cross post on the following book review sites and social media – Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Nobel, Bloglovin’, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like. If requested I will post on Amazon UK. I post reviews no more than two weeks prior to publication date. I attempt to finish and review every book received. In the rare case I do not finish a book I will post a quick blurb as well as the publisher’s description.

All reviews are honest and my opinion. I may not have enjoyed the book, but I will not personally attack or besmirch an author.

Guest Posts, interviews, book/blog tours and blasts will be scheduled based on my availability. Tours and guest posts will only be scheduled if I have rated the book at a 3 star or above. Please visit the following pages for details, Guest Posts and Tours and Blasts. Author Tuesday interviews are only scheduled if I have rated the book a 4 star or above. Author Tuesday is generally scheduled out 3 months in advance, please visit Author Tuesday for details.

For a book related promotion or giveaway post, I must receive the product at least two weeks before scheduled post date. I will give my honest opinion on any product. Products and promotions must be book related to be considered.

If you would like to submit a book, author or product for consideration please contact me here.