Shopaholic to the Rescue – Sophie Kinsella

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Shopaholic to the Rescue – Sophie KinsellaShopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella
Published by The Dial Press on October 27, 2015
Genres: British, Contemporary, Humorous, Literature & Fiction
Pages: 368
Format: Kindle
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Becky Bloomwood and a hilarious cast of beloved family and friends (plus one enemy!) set off in a van to find her missing father, last heard from in Las Vegas.
Becky’s father Graham and her best friend’s husband, Tarquin, have disappeared from Los Angeles saying simply they have “something to take care of.”
But Tarquin’s wife Suze who is Becky’s best friend, and Becky’s mother Jane, are convinced the two men are hiding something and are in danger—their imaginations run wild. They must track them down!
Hijinks ensue as husband Luke drives Becky, daughter Minnie, Jane, Suze and other favorite Kinsella characters across country from LA to Las Vegas in search of the missing men.
Becky feels deeply guilty about ignoring her father while he was in LA, in addition Becky feels her enemy Alicia is threatening her friendship with Suze.

vegas Oh Becky, how I missed you. Sophie Kinsella is one of my auto-buy authors and I was sad as I did not love her YA debut Finding Audrey. So, I was thrilled that her return to the Shopaholic world was great. Shopaholic to the Rescue picked right up where the previous book ended, with Becky and crew beginning a road trip to Las Vegas to hunt down her errant father. The world building was consistent (this is book eight in the series, so very little building was needed) and the pacing was a typical Becky Bloomwood go, go, go. I liked that the characters remained true to what we already know of them. Becky is flighty but kind, Luke is terse with a great heart, Suze is a bit of a mess and Becky’s parents are always striving to help others. One of the big reasons I like the Shopaholic series is that they have heart, and Shopaholic to the Rescue is no exception. These are the books I turn to when I want to laugh and just have a good time reading. Yes it was full of fluff and ridiculous situations like Becky pretending to be an avant-garde French potter, but that is the joy in this series. Fun situations with a fun cast of characters make this a great read. I will happily read any book in the Shopaholic series as long as Kinsella continues to write them.

Favorite lines – “Young lady, you must be very lucky in your friends,” he says. “Or maybe they’re lucky in you.” “I’m very lucky in my friends,” I say at once. “That’s what it is. Definitely. They’re amazing.”

Biggest cliché – It’s a Shopaholic book, so pretty much everything Becky does.

 Have you read Shopaholic to the Rescue, or added it to your TBR?

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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