Taste: A Love Story – Tracy Ewens

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Taste: A Love Story – Tracy EwensTaste: A Love Story by Tracy Ewens
Published by Tracy Ewens on October 27, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Women, Dating & Sex, Family & Relationships, Love & Romance, Romance
Format: Kindle
Source: Author
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If only life were as simple as following a recipe.
In her twenties, Kara Malendar found herself at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris , thousands of miles away from the bright, unkind lights that shined on her political family throughout her childhood. But all of that ended abruptly when she was summoned back home to Los Angeles to stand in again is as the perfect, primed, senator’s daughter.
Now, thirty, Kara has made a different kind of life for herself. As a food critic for The Los Angeles Times, Kara gets to shine the unkind light on other people. That is until her Paris-past finds its way back into town and opens a new restaurant.
Logan Rye, the youngest son of the Ryland Farms family, knows exactly what he's doing with his life. After a few years spent getting his head and heart together, he's opened his new restaurant in Los Angeles, The Yard. Logan manages the place with the same ethics his father taught him growing up on a farm—hard work, heart, and focus. Logan believes in all three and while he sees his restaurant, his personal urban farm, and his family roots as all part of his life, the LA Times sees it as a movement. He's suddenly a trend.
Kara and Logan haven't seen each other since she was ordered home from Le Cordon Bleu, but the memories they made in those few short months come flooding back when Kara is asked to write a feature on Logan. The two of them are soon cooking, laughing, and rediscovering the delicious parts of each other they were never able to forget. As the flame is turned up, all recipes are forgotten, as they realize they may have never really known each other at all in Paris. If Logan can learn to trust, he may be exactly what Kara needs if she's ever going to taste life again.


♦ I love finding a new author to enjoy. I liked Tracy Ewen’s book Candidate: A Love Story as it was a romance that was different. So I was excited to read her third book in the series Taste. And I was pleased that it matched the tone and pace of Candidate. Sometimes a second or third book is not as good as the first you read and that was not the case here. There was a throw away scene in the previous book that I was very intrigued by and this book is the result. Taste  features Kara, a senator’s daughter, who is incredibly structured and follows her parent’s decrees to the letter, including dressing in a signature color selected by her mother. The one bright spot in her life was a semester in Paris when she was 21. There she met Logan, a budding chef who helped to bring her out of her shell. Now, eight years later, Logan has a hopping new restaurant and Kara has retreated into herself once again. The blend of food, love and family made this a fantastic read. The world that Ewens has created in her A Love Story series is very real and I have high hopes for the next (fingers crossed) two books as I saw two distinct possibilities for new pairings in Taste. So I can confidently say Tracy Ewens is an author I will follow. She is also my Author Tuesday author for this week, so check out her interview and giveaway of Taste here.

◊ Favorite lines – “A hurricane-that’s what you are. Beautiful, out of nowhere, cool rains on a hot day, incredible storm. I want a closer look, I want to close my eyes and soak the whole damn thing in, but I should know better. There’s dust and wind. Shit, people get killed in hurricanes.”

¤ Biggest cliché – “I have no room for love in my life. I have it all planned out.”

Δ What author have you discovered lately?

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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