The Secrets We Keep – Stephanie Butland

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The Secrets We Keep – Stephanie ButlandThe Secrets We Keep by Stephanie Butland
Published by Sourcebooks on July 7, 2015
Genres: Fiction, Contemporary Women, Psychological
Pages: 384
Format: Kindle
Source: Netgalley
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A tragic accident, a broken heart, and a marriage drowning in secrets...
Mike always walks the dog in the evening while Elizabeth relaxes in the bathtub—but one night he doesn't come back. Mike has drowned while saving a teenage girl named Kate, his dog standing on the bank barking frantically as the police pull his body from the water.
But despite her husband being lauded as a hero, Elizabeth can't wrap her mind around the fact that Mike is gone—and Kate won't reveal the details of what really happened that night.
Elizabeth finds herself facing the unfathomable possibility that she may not have known her husband at all. Does she really want to know the truth? Or will the weight of Mike's secrets pull her under?

3.25 Stars

Elizabeth doesn’t know if she can go on after the death of her husband Mike. A tragic accident has ended his life and her future. But as she is trying to heal, rumors begin to spread. Was her husband not the man she thought, and if so, can Elizabeth survive another tragedy?

The Secrets We Keep was not really secret. I had figured out the big shocker about 1/4th of the way through the book. The story dragged towards the reveal going back and forth through time and the relationship between the two main characters. Speaking of characters, they were all just okay. None of the characters inspired real emotion and some bordered on annoying. Sadly this was a formulaic young widow, husband with secrets novel, and I have read better. The Secrets We Keep wasn’t bad it was just meh. The saving grace of this novel was the author created a very real world which elevated this from a two star to a three star. There was also one scene that did make me tear up with very vivid description. This was a debut novel and I think with some polish the author may have a future, she just needs to branch out from description to creating feeling.


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Posted June 19, 2015 by Laura in Reviews / 3 Comments

3 responses to “The Secrets We Keep – Stephanie Butland

  1. Jane

    Which particular scene made you tear up? It was a good read for me. Mike is up there on my scumbag list because he never owned up to his betrayal and deceit. Unless he was caught, I don’t think he would have ever taken the initiative toward redemption, definitely not on his own free will and for the right reasons. His letter was worthless, just a bunch of bullshit to excuse himself to continue and go cheat again.

  2. Jane

    Thanks for responding! I remember that scene and feeling Elizabeth’s desperation. However, I felt angry on her behalf because from the beginning, Kate always seemed like a petulant child and for her to invade such private space to make her mark just seemed so wrong. As if her flowers deserved its special place and recognition. Oh the audacity! 😉 You mentioned you’ve read better books with a similar set-up. Any recommendations?