Laura (2)Hi, my name is Laura and I am an addict. I am a reader. I read between five and eight books a week as well as spending time on other book review sites and book review blogs. As a child I wanted to be a book editor when I grew up, but alas that was not to be. So I decided to start 125Pages to share my bookish love with the interwebs. In addition to my reading time, I work full time as a CFO at a local non-profit, serve on the board of other local non-profits, volunteer with programs such as Junior Achievement and teach free budget classes. I have a great husband (referred to here as the hubs) and two kids, Boy Child (who at 20 is not so boy like, but that is really his nickname at home) and Little One (she is 11, so also not so little anymore), two cats, Lucy and Pippi, and two dogs, Emma and Cooper. I hope you enjoy my reviews.

I have been asked about the name of the site quite a few times, so here goes the story – I have always been a reader, so when the time came in college to pick between a reading class and a philosophy class to fulfill a requirement, I chose the easy A and went with reading as I had tested out of the reading requirement. During that class the teacher gave a test to clock our reading speed. I came in at 125 pages read an hour. When I was thinking for a name for the site I decided that my reading speed was a fun quirky name and thus 125Pages was born. I have also been asked if that is still my reading speed and honestly if on a Kindle I read a bit faster and a print book is still about 125 pages.


Why I Read – Part 1

Why I Read – Part 2

In Defense of Reading – Why All Books Matter




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  1. Found you on Dream Big’s Meet and Greet and am blown away by your productivity! Looking forward to reading more of your reviews and finding some great reads. Thanks!

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