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Today I am pleased to bring you a guest post by Jacey Conrad and Gia Corona, co-authors of two super cute paranormal romance books, From Russia With Fangs and From Russia With Claws (See my reviews here and enter to win copies of both books here).

russiaWerewolves are very food oriented and Gia and Jacey devote a lot of attention to the traditional Russian dishes served to their characters, and their favorite post-funeral treats. So I asked, what character from the From Russia series, would you want to make dinner for and what would you make?

Jacey: In a perfect world, I would make dinner for Alexei and Maksim, and I would serve poisoned fish that had been used to slap Maksim in the face. (It’s a thing, read FROM RUSSIA WITH CLAWS.)

BUT if I’m cooking dinner for Viktor Zhukovsky, Irina’s delicious bodyguard, I would probably make him my “company pot roast” because nothing says I love you to a werewolf like handing him an enormous slab of meat. And my pot roast is pretty freaking impressive. The pot roast would be accompanied by the traditional potatoes and carrots, plus buttered peas and lots of bread and a chocolate cake with a warm cream cheese and chocolate chip filling.

Viktor wouldn’t know what hit him.

Gia: So the character I would choose would be Andreyev Lupesco (DUH). Being Sicilian, I would naturally cook my grandmother’s red sauce recipe for him to show him how we Italians take care of our men. Homemade meatballs, sausage (both hot and sweet), and a massive pan manicotti or stuffed shells. We’d start the meal with a traditional antipasto tray—cured meats, cheeses, peppers, various pickled vegetables—and some Prosecco. Followed by dinner (this is an abbreviated meal plan because what I usually make for a true Italian multi-course dinner would take us all night to eat it and I have PLANS) of the sauce and pasta dishes mentioned above, along with homemade rosemary and sea salt focaccia bread. Wine, of course. Probably a nice Sangiovese or Valpolicella. Dessert would be light—we weren’t big on sweets at our dinners—like amoretti cookies or homemade biscotti. I do NOT like tiramisu so I don’t make it and even Andreyev couldn’t get me to do so. Sorry, buddy. End of the meal would be a nice dram of some of the good Irish whisky I reserve for special occasions.

And then, the frickle frackle.

About The Authors:
Jacey Conrad is a sushi loving, pop culture nerd living in the South with her high school sweetheart. She delights in horribly made mutant shark movies and watching Sean Bean die in his various cinematic incarnations. To keep up with Jacey on twitter, go to @JaceyConrad.

Gia Corona loves boots, boys, and bourbon, not necessarily in that order. When she’s not actively stalking Michael Fassbender and his abdominals, she’s watching questionable television or reading comics. You can find her at @Gia_writes.

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