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I am happy to have author Stacie Ramey, of the fantastic The Sister Pact, with me today to answer a very important question – What three YA literary characters would you have liked to hang out with in high-school with and why?

Let me just say that my high school life would have been greatly improved with the addition of many of the characters I’ve read about/grown to love/wished I was as cool as. So picking just three is extremely difficult. But if I can only have three, I’m going to have to go with these:

Karou from DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE is one of the best characters I’ve ever read. She pops off the page as “impossible to scare,” but she’s also got those crazy/beautiful tattoos and is an incredible artist. I haven’t even mentioned those wish beads she can use to torment a stalker/ex-boyfriend or that she uses to make her hair grow wonderfully and surprisingly blue.

In LOOKING FOR ALASKA, Alaska Young is powerful and beautiful and mysterious and cool. She hangs with the guys and reads and reveres books. Alaska makes every moment worth living until she no longer does. I did hang with girls like Alaska in high school and college. Fun, powerful, and incredibly smart. Lucky me.

Lena Duchanness in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is a powerful and magical girl. She can change the weather as easily as she can mix popcorn and milk duds. So is that where that started? Seriously, this girl’s an original in every sense of the word. So what that she doesn’t know if she’s going to end up being good or bad. We all have both in us.

I want to thank Stacie for taking the time to answer my question and for helping me add another series to my TBR. I have read the Beautiful Creatures series and enjoyed it, I have Finding Alaska on my Kindle (but have not gotten to it yet), but I had not heard of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Saga before and now I must read it!

Go hang out with Stacie at and follow her at @stacieramey.

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