Happy Fangs-giving! – Release Day for From Russia With Fangs


russiaNew Release from Molly Harper, writing as Jacey Conrad, and Gia Corona: From Russia With Fangs comes out today! You can check out my review on both books tomorrow as well a great guest post from Jacey and Gia. From Russia With Fangs is the companion novel to the best-selling From Russia With Claws, this time we hear sister Irina’s story.

Between her family’s drunken antics and vicious verbal attacks from her so-called friends, Irina Sudenko Volkov is having the worst night ever. And that’s before she’s widowed.

Volatile, cheating, no-good Sergei’s death­-by­-assassin unleashes chaos in the werewolf criminal underground. Irina’s panicked Papa assigns Beta wolf Viktor Zhukovsky to Irina’s security detail until her husband’s killer is found. As Irina’s world crumbles around her, the perfect princess mask falls away and Viktor meets the sharp, passionate woman underneath. Their initial chemistry gives way to a deeper attraction when Irina begins to see the decency underneath Viktor’s gruff, tattooed exterior, despite his insistence that it doesn’t exist.

Their tendency to find themselves semi-­nude and in enclosed spaces is a source of amusement to her sister, Galina, but each of them knows of the deadly consequences if their relationship is brought to light. Things get even more complicated when Papa Sudenko begins to match make Irina and Andrey Lupesco, who also happens to be in a secret relationship with Galina. Family dinners are awkward. With danger closing in on all sides, Irina has to find her claws and learn to howl.

In the much anticipated sequel to From Russia With Claws, readers get a new perspective of the lusty exploits of the untamable Sudenko family. Gia Corona and Jacey Conrad craft a delightful tale of the anything­ but­ average human Irina and the libidinous lycanthropes in her life.

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About The Authors:
Jacey Conrad is a sushi loving, pop culture nerd living in the South with her high school sweetheart. She delights in horribly made mutant shark movies and watching Sean Bean die in his various cinematic incarnations. To keep up with Jacey on twitter, go to @JaceyConrad.

Gia Corona loves boots, boys, and bourbon, not necessarily in that order. When she’s not actively stalking Michael Fassbender and his abdominals, she’s watching questionable television or reading comics. You can find her at @Gia_writes.

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