My Favorite Second Chance – Rue

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My Favorite Second Chance – RueMy Favorite Second Chance by Rue
Series: The Lake Effect Series #2
Published by Sittin' On A Goldmine Productions LLC on March 10, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Women, Dating & Sex, Family & Relationships, Homosexuality, LGBT, Love & Romance, Romance, Women
Pages: 329
Format: EBook
Source: Reading Alley
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Have you ever wished for a second chance?
The Hutchinson sisters are out of the frying pan and into the fire--just like their mother always threatened!
Gwenn is floating in the dreamy, fragile glow of her new relationship with wealthy artist, Daniel Gregory, when a blast from her past makes a triumphant return. Sure, this is the same man who ran out on her over a decade ago, but can she turn her back on a war hero?
Rachel is on the brink of having everything she ever dreamed of, but that's not how things work out for Hutchinson girls. Her rock-star girlfriend is leaving for a lengthy tour and something is afoot at the bakery. The righteous hand of her mother, Shirley, can orchestrate tribulations from halfway across town.
The sisters think they can run away from their troubles on a quick trip to the heart of Mexico, when an unexpected phone call shatters that illusion.
Filled with intriguing characters, plenty of steamy romance, and exciting plots twists--MY FAVORITE SECOND CHANCE will have you flushed with anticipation, blinking back tears, laughing out loud and cheering for your favorite characters.

jane slut♦ Oh don’cha know. Those Minnesota sisters are back. Book two in The Lake Effect series sends us right back to the land of excess snow, the jucy Lucy and the story of Rachel and Gwenn. The theme in My Favorite Second Chance is redemption. Rachel has come out to her parents and is happily back together with Annie and Gwenn and Daniel are deliriously in love. The world is their oyster and nothing can drag them down. Well, nothing but their parents saying that Rachel is dead to them and Gwenn’s old boyfriend returning after seven years determined to win her back. But other than that, life is grand! I like this book slightly better than the first as I felt Rachel was a stronger presence and I like her story arc more that Gwenn’s. Gwenn tends to be more wishy-washy and Rachel, even with her faults, knows who she is and is determined to be true to herself. Gwenn is more indecisive and can change on a dime. This is the middle book in a trilogy so I know nothing will be wrapped up but at times the changing of love interests is too rapid. I was very happy to see the intrepid assistants, Todd and Flora, getting a little more page time as I think they make the story. Their one offs and quips add a nice edge to the story. I am interested to see how the story lines will wind back and finish up in book three.

◊ Favorite lines from Chapter 64 – “I’ve been to some pretty dark places over the years, Dad, dark, scary places—and I never once had the option of turning to that woman for support. That’s not what a mother is supposed to be. A mother is supposed to be the safe place, the last port in a storm—not the storm.”

¤ Biggest cliché – “I love you, no him, no you. I’m so confused”

Δ If your long lost love came back, what would you do?

Rating Report
Overall: three-half-stars

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