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Saturday Soapbox

Welcome to my new discussion feature. On Saturdays I will be posting my weekly discussion topic and a linky for you to post your weekly discussions as well. I hope you enjoy the discussions and come back every week.

I was going to have this first discussion on why I read or what books mean to me, but I discovered a troubling pattern this week that I could not get out of my mind. Thrillers that use the same “shocking” twist. I have read five books since Christmas that have featured incest as the twist and one book where the fact that it wasn’t incest was a twist as it was implied the whole book. First of all, it’s not a twist, it’s just gross, and second five books out of around 50. That’s 10% of the books I have read in the last three months that have had the same plot line. Because they are thrillers and I am anti-spoiler I won’t list the five that actually featured it, but I did like two of the books, family love aside, the other three I was not a fan of at all. It makes me wonder if there is a thriller plot generator out there that spits out a shocker for the author to use. If not, I don’t understand why things like incest are being used. It squicks me out and turns me off of the book as a whole. The two books I liked, it was revealed in the very last pages so I did not have time to fully flesh out the hate. However the twist could have been something else in those two, as the books were nicely fleshed out and did not need to resort to such a base plot point.

There are some things in books that make me crazy each time I read them; and they are things I tend to read over and over. Absent or clueless YA parents, 3rd party breakups (where person A in relationship hears from outside person Z that person B in relationship cheated or doesn’t love them, then person A, instead of talking to the person they love, just takes off), the secret admirer is the best friend… I could go on and on. Now these items do not make the book bad by themselves, I have read some great books that feature these plot points, but it does get old.

I am finding that the more I review, the more unique books I want to read. I read to immerse myself in a different world and to feel with a character. When I continuously read the same plot point it shifts me out of the world of the book and into my analytical mind. I no longer enjoy the read as much because I am thinking of ways the author could have gotten around the typical. I want fresh and thought out and heaven above, no more incest.

So tell me, what are you tired of seeing in books? What is on your Just Stop It list?

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