Saturday Soapbox – Why I Read – Part 2


Saturday Soapbox

Welcome to my weekly discussion feature. On Saturdays I will be posting my weekly discussion topic and a linky for you to post your weekly discussions as well. I hope you enjoy the discussions and come back every week.


So last week I talked about my childhood love of reading. (See Part 1 here.) I have also written before on why I think reading is so important (check that out here). This week I will tell you a little about why as an adult I still read even though I have a lot going on in my life. If you check out my About page it has some basic information, I am thirty-seven and the CFO at a local non-profit, I have two kids – a twenty-year old son and an eleven-year-old daughter, two cats, two dogs and one husband. But that doesn’t speak to why books. Why do I have a “hobby” that takes time and concerted effort to continue?


I actually did not read for quite a while after I turned fourteen. I was a wild child (so says my mom) and reading time didn’t fit into my schedule of trouble. I got expelled from high school a month into junior year and then I had my oldest JJ a week before my seventeenth birthday and two weeks before the start of senior year. I decided that I had to finish my education to be a responsible parent so between working, single parenting and trying to fit two years of high school into one, pleasure reading was very low on my list of things to do. I occasionally picked up a book here and there for the next few years, but very hit or miss. When I got married at twenty-five I was working as an admin assistant at a museum and was making slightly over minimum wage. I worked there for four years and could never get promoted due to my lack of post-secondary education. We decided that I should go back to school and at least get a two year degree to increase my future job prospects. That two year degree took me five years to finish as I was working full time and had my daughter M in there too. During that time I was also diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease (Graves’ Disease if you are curious), had radioactive iodine therapy to kill my thyroid, and had four surgeries within five years.

During my down time from surgeries and the like I was picking up more and more books again. I still had not gotten back to my daily habit, but was slowly increasing. Then my second to last class to finish my degree came up. I could pick a philosophy class for three credits or a reading class for four credits. I picked what I thought would be the easier A and went for reading. The class was also held in the school library so I had awesome access to books. The first class consisted of a reading comprehension test and a speed reading test. I scored a 96% on the test and my reading speed was clocked at …125 pages an hour (if you ever wondered about my site name, there is your answer). I finished the class with my love for reading and my daily habit re-instilled. That was seven years ago and I still read almost daily.


Reading is my decompression after a long and busy day as I work an average of 65 hours a week. Being able to immerse myself in another world takes me out of the stress of the everyday. I am socially awkward (I’m not awesome at picking up on social cues and tend to sound like a know-it-all as I default to factual not anecdotal.) so books are an easy friend for me (I do have real life friends too, a small group that I love dearly that deal well with my quirks). I tend to read a book a night once the hubs and M have gone to bed (the hubs works first shift at a lab and goes to bed between 8-9 p.m.). Because of my reading speed, I am usually done around midnight, then I go to bed and start over the next day.

So really long story short, I read as an adult to de-stress and to keep myself company at night. I blog about it because it helps me break out of my shell and interact with more people. And now you know more about me that you eve wanted to know.

So tell me, why is reading something you do? What has propelled your book love?

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