Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween 2015 Freebie


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a Halloween Freebie. So I am going with 10 things that scare me in books. I used to be able to read any and all horror/thriller books. I would devour all the new releases from Dean Koontz, Stephen King and (my personal favorite) John Saul with no qualms. But then, over time, I could no longer read them. I don’t know if it was having children or just growing up, but for some reason I could no longer stomach horror books. And now at the advanced age of 37 some of their themes straight up freak me out. So in no particular order here are my top ten scary things.

The “Z” word. As much as I love paranormal and urban fantasy books, one thing I have never been able to stomach is zombies. They just give me the heebie-jeebies. Give me a vampire, a witch or a shape shifter and I’m happy, but add a zombie and I’m out.
zombie cat
Tying into the dreaded Z word is those who raise them. No one should have power over those already dead, yet Necromancers do. So I’m not a big fan.

Creepy children. Kids should be sweet and cuddly not murderous.
Killer animals. Again I want them cute and cuddly not eating faces off.


I loath those that exploit and hurt children. It just ruins a read for me and then makes me keep checking to make sure my kids are still safely tucked in their beds.


Being buried alive. Just no. I am super claustrophobic so just the thought of being trapped terrifies me.
buried alive

Stalkers. I want to think that I’m safe walking around and stalkers take that comfort away.

Crazy kidnappers. A step above stalkers in the creep factor. Being helpless to the whims of a stranger while facing horrific torture and the like is not my idea of a good time.


Creepy medical stuff. I think the theme of a lot of what scares me comes down to trust. I think it is an intrinsic part of humanity that we trust in certain things and people. I trust in doctors to make me better not hurt me. So that makes me not enjoy a read with scary-ass doctors.


Childhood favorites turned evil. As a mom I want my kids to be safe and protected. Having something they love that could harm them is just something I cannot take.

clown doll

So that is my list of ten things that scare me in books. What freaks you out in a read?

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