Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit

Todays Top Ten Tuesday is about bookish bad habits. Series you should stop reading, books you DFN (did not finish), authors you have stopped reading and the like. So my list today will be a hodge-podge of my bookish bad habits that I  am currently working on dropping. As usual they are in no particular order.

If a book is bad I need to DNF it. I feel bad not finishing a book as someone has put a lot of effort into creating their world. But sometimes I just need to put it out of my misery and shut the cover and walk away.
I need to be better about not buying every book I think I’ll like. I get impatient with the library and then go and buy books that I have no room for at home. I have five full size book shelves and they are all triple stacked, but yet I still bought 42 books last week. They were all used so about $120 including shipping from, I’m not buying hardcover new releases, but still it’s a problem. I don’t lend my books. I’m always afraid I won’t get it back and will have to re-buy it (and it has happened) but it’s also selfish to not share what I have with people around me. I need to work on my “Mine” tendencies. I need to be more realistic on the number of books I agree to review. I have twenty-one in my queue on Netgalley right now, 19 on Edelweiss and then there are the direct from author ebooks and ARCs I have in print. All told I am over fifty books deep and that’s not including personal books I buy. I need to slow down a bit. I need to be more open to movies made from books I have read. I generally refuse to watch them as the actor/actress doesn’t match to how I imagined them. But I miss sending time with my friends. I just need to separate the book from the movie in my mind. Sometime I need to burn the bridge. Just because I liked one or two books an author writes doesn’t mean I have to like them all. I have forced my way through books I did not enjoy because “Well, I liked book X, I must like book Y”. Nope I don’t have to like them. Just back away… I need to not compare real people to book characters. Characters are written and edited and real people act in the moment. Real should beat made up every time. And along that line real interaction should trump reading. If my friends want to go out and I’m reading, I need to put the book down. And laundry needs to trump a book. I can’t go to work in pajama pants.  And my worst bookish bad habit – I need to put the book down and go to bed! I can’t keep surviving on 4-5 hours of sleep every night. I’m going to crash and burn soon. So that is my list of bookish bad habits. Check out more Top Ten Tuesday at The Broke and the Bookish.

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Posted October 6, 2015 by Laura in Top Ten Tuesday / 2 Comments

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