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Welcome to my weekly wrap-up! Here is where you can see my books read during the past week, books to be read next week, books I have added to my shelves, any bookish happenings and the like. I have linked to Stacking the Shelves, the Saturday Situation, the Saturday Review of Books, Talk of the TownBought, Borrowed & Bagged, The Sunday Salon, Caffeinated Book Reviewer’s Sunday Wrap-UpIt’s Monday! What Are You Reading? and Mailbox Monday. So check out what I’ve been up to this past week.





Books Added This Week


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We Are All Made of Stars by Rowan Coleman – Stella Carey exists in a world of night. Married to an ex-soldier, she leaves the house every evening as Vincent locks himself away, along with the scars and the secrets he carries. During her nursing shifts, Stella writes letters for her patients to their loved ones – some full of humour, love and practical advice, others steeped in regret or pain – and promises to post these messages after their deaths. Until one night Stella writes the letter that could give her patient one last chance at redemption, if she delivers it in time…

The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia – Seventeen year-old Frankie Devereux would do anything to forget the past. Haunted by the memory of her boyfriend’s death, she lives her life by one dangerous rule: nothing matters. At least, that’s what Frankie tells herself after a reckless mistake forces her to leave her privileged life in the Heights to move in with her dad—an undercover cop. She transfers to public school in the Downs, where fistfights in the halls don’t faze anyone and illegal street racing is more popular than football. Marco Leone is the fastest street racer in the Downs. Tough, sexy, and hypnotic, he makes it impossible for Frankie to ignore him…and how he makes her feel. But the risks Marco takes for his family could have devastating consequences for them both. When Frankie discovers his secret, she has to make a choice. Will she let the pain of the past determine her future? Or will she risk what little she has left to follow her heart?

Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino – When a bestselling debut novel from mysterious author J. Colby becomes the literary event of the year, Emiline reads it reluctantly. As an adjunct writing instructor at UC San Diego with her own stalled literary career and a bumpy long-term relationship, Emiline isn’t thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of a young and gifted writer. Yet from the very first page, Emiline is entranced by the story of Emerson and Jackson, two childhood best friends who fall in love and dream of a better life beyond the long dirt road that winds through their impoverished town in rural Ohio. That’s because the novel is patterned on Emiline’s own dark and desperate childhood, which means that “J. Colby” must be Jase: the best friend and first love she hasn’t seen in over a decade. Far from being flattered that he wrote the novel from her perspective, Emiline is furious that he co-opted her painful past and took some dramatic creative liberties with the ending. The only way she can put her mind at ease is to find and confront “J. Colby,” but is she prepared to learn the truth behind the fiction?

The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger – How far would you go to reach the top? When America’s sweetheart, Charlotte “Charlie” Silver, makes a pact with the devil—the infamously brutal tennis coach Todd Feltner—she finds herself catapulted into a world of celebrity stylists, private parties, charity matches aboard mega-yachts, and secret dates with Hollywood royalty. Under Todd’s new ruthless regime, Charlie the good girl is out. Todd wants “Warrior Princess” Charlie all the way. After all, no one ever wins big by playing nice. Celebrity mags and gossip blogs go wild for Charlie as she jets around the globe chasing Grand Slam titles and Page Six headlines. But as the Warrior Princess’s star rises on and off the court, it comes at a cost. In a world obsessed with good looks and hot shots, is Charlie Silver willing to lose herself to win it all?

The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close – When Beth arrives in Washington, D.C., she hates everything about it: the confusing traffic circles, the ubiquitous Ann Taylor suits, the humidity that descends each summer. At dinner parties, guests compare their security clearance levels. They leave their BlackBerrys on the table. They speak in acronyms. And once they realize Beth doesn’t work in politics, they smile blandly and turn away. Soon Beth and her husband, Matt, meet a charismatic White House staffer named Jimmy and his wife, Ashleigh, and the four become inseparable, coordinating brunch, birthdays, and long weekends away. But as Jimmy’s star rises higher and higher, their friendship–and Beth’s relationship with Matt–is threatened by jealousy, competition and rumors. A glorious send-up of young D.C. and a blazingly honest portrait of a marriage, this is the finest work yet by one of our most beloved writers.

Results May Vary by Bethany Chase – She never saw it coming. Without even a shiver of suspicion to warn her, Caroline Hammond discovers that her husband is having an affair with a man—a revelation that forces her to question their entire history together, from their early days as high school sweethearts through their ten years as a happily married couple. In her now upside-down world, Caroline begins envisioning her life without the relationship that has defined it: the loneliness of being an “I” instead of a “we”; the rekindled yet tenuous closeness with her younger sister; and the unexpected—and potentially disastrous—attraction she can’t get off her mind. Caroline always thought she knew her own love story, but as her husband’s other secrets emerge, she must decide whether that story’s ending will mean forgiving the man she’s loved for half her life, or facing her future without him.

All These Perfect Strangers by Aoife Clifford – “This is about three deaths. Actually more, if you go back far enough. I say deaths but perhaps all of them were murders. It’s a grey area. Murder, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.” Within six months of her arrival at a university campus, three of Penelope Sheppard’s new friends are dead. And only Pen knows why. This isn’t Pen’s first encounter with violence, and she’s an expert at keeping secrets—especially ones as dark and dangerous as her own. Reputations have a way of haunting you—they’re easy to make, hard to shake. After Pen leaves her isolated hometown to escape the judgmental stares of her neighbors and carve out a new identity for herself, she’s free from the stigma of her past mistakes. At school, Pen is anonymous, surrounded by an eclectic collection of perfect strangers. But when someone begins to uncover the deadly secrets she thought she’d left behind, how far will Pen go to protect her new life? Six months later, Pen is back home, the victim of a violent trauma and a pariah once again. Now, reluctantly, she must recount her story from start to finish: to her shrink, to the police, even to herself. Because until she tells the whole truth, there will be no escaping the past.

Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall – Gideon always has a plan. It includes running for class president, becoming head of the yearbook committee, and having his choice of colleges. It does NOT include falling head over heels for his best friend, Kyle. It’s a distraction, it’s pointless―Kyle is already dating the head cheerleader, Ruby―and Gideon doesn’t know what to do. Kyle finally feels like he has a handle on life. He has a wonderful girlfriend, a best friend willing to debate the finer points of Lord of the Rings, and social acceptance as captain of the basketball team. So when both Ruby and Gideon start acting really weird, just as his spot on the team is threatened, Kyle can’t quite figure out what he did wrong.


From Edelweiss




A Million Times Goodnight by Kristina McBride – On the night of the big spring break party, seventeen-year-old Hadley “borrows” her boyfriend Ben’s car without telling him. As payback, he posts a naked picture of her online for the entire senior class to see. Now Hadley has a choice: go back to the party and force Ben to delete the picture or raise the stakes and take his beloved car on a road trip as far away from their hometown of Oak Grove, Ohio, as she can get. Chapters alternate to reveal each possible future as Hadley, her ex-boyfriend, Josh, and her best friends embark on a night of reckless adventure where old feelings are rekindled, friendships are tested, and secrets are uncovered that are so much worse than a scandalous photo.



Books Read This Week




Approval Junkie: Adventures in Caring Too Much by Faith Sallie

Meternity by Meghann Foye

She by Michelle Latiolais

Not Working by Lisa Owens

The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian

The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi

The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett

Whisper To Me by Nick Lake



 Books to be Read Next Week




Ruined by Amy Tintera

Keep You Close by Lucie Whitehouse

The Bricks that Built the Houses by Kate Tempest



This Week in Review…


I love adding new authors to my Author Tuesday feature! I realized that I was was only booked through the start of July, so I started emailing authors that have 4+ star reviewed books today (my criteria to be featured). I have now added for July 19, 2016 – Jeff Zentner author of The Serpent King and for August 2, 2016 – Kristina McMorris author of The Edge of LostI think Jeff may be my fastest author response yet, as he said yes within five minutes of receiving my email. I always worry if I will continue to get good author participation, but so far so good! Hopefully next week I will have some more additions to let you know about.

Another week, another awesome email from Goodreads.

“We’re a quarter of the way through 2016—let’s check in on your 2016 Reading Challenge. Congrats, you’re ahead of schedule!”

You’ve read 83 of 100 books. (83% complete)


Pages Read


Avg. Pages Per Book


Average Rating


If you are ever curious on my reading challenge stats during the year, I update my Challenges page almost every week. You can check it out here.





And in case you somehow missed it, it’s 125Pages’ 1st blogiversary!! Craziness I know! There is a giant post here with all of the details. We will have weekly guest posts, weekly giveaways, surprises and more. Right now I have a guest post from author C.H. Armstrong, you can check it out here.  The main giveaway is open now and 1 winner will receive a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card and 2 winners will receive a copy (Kindle or physical) of any book mentioned on my site. It can be a review, a Top Ten Tuesday, a Waiting on Wednesday, in a wrap-up, whatever! If you can find it, you can have it! (Provided it is already published, as I cannot provide ARCs and if physical that Book Depository* delivers to your country.) (INT) Enter this one via the Rafflecopter on the main Blogiversary page. Giveaway will be open to May 6, 2016.



I have a ridiculous amount of giveaways going on this week and month. Right now we have –

2 Kindle Copies of Wake-Up Call by Amy Avanzino — Ends Apr 19th, 2016

Grand prize – signed copy of The Edge of Nowhere and an Oklahoma Cherokee Rose Rock (US only) and first prize – digital copy of The Edge of Nowhere — Ends Apr 22nd, 2016

$10 Amazon Gift Card — Ends Apr 23rd, 2016

2 copies of Don’t Get Caught (US & Canada Only) — Ends Apr 30th, 2016

(1) $50.00 Amazon Gift Card and (2) a copy (Kindle or physical) of any book mentioned on my site (already published & if physical Book Depository delivery) (INT) — Ends May 7th, 2016



Stuff I Enjoyed This Week…


Lauren at Wonderless Reviews – Let’s Talk: Blogging Anxieties

Kaitlynn at Katie’s Book Blog – Let’s Get Personal





This week’s Saturday Soapbox is on jealousy, Green Eyed Monster. Let me know what makes you envious, link to your latest discussion posting and enter to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card.



125US of Books


United States of Books – This week’s book took us to Florida with The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.





Running Now –  Amy Avanzino author of Wake-Up Call with two Kindle copies up for grabs.

Up Next – April 26, 2016 – Tegan Wren author of Inconceivable with a print copy (US only) and an ebook copy!



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  1. Wow – a huge number of books read last week and some great new arrivals again. I’ve heard of one or two of them but there are a few I’ve not seen before so looking forward to hearing more about them!
    Deborah recently posted…Weekly check-inMy Profile

  2. Swear on this LIfe and the Hopefuls look like two titles I would definitely enjoy, so thanks for sharing your stack. You have so many, hope you enjoy most or all of them!
    And thanks again for the Wake-Up Call e-book win! I intend on reading it very soon– looks like fun.
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  3. I won a signed copy of The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia and I can’t wait to read it. But since it’s signed I hate to ruin the book so I’ll be very careful with the pages lol. I’m really interested in The Star Touched Queen so I hope you liked it. Happy Blogiversary and I hope you have a great week!
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