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I used to heavily mock adults who read “kid” books. What does someone in their twenties and thirties get out of a book that has nothing to do with them. I figured they were just trying to go back to what they considered their good old days. I read literature, why would I go to a book that would not help expand my mind.




Then I remember getting awfully sick. I was staying at my parents so they could watch my little one while I died and my sister came over with a goodie bag for me. In amongst the gossip mags and soda were the first four books in the Harry Potter series. I figured she gave them to me as they would be super easy reads and wouldn’t tax my poor addled brain.




Upon finishing them I was in awe. These were stories for kids, and they were so freaking good! I took a trip to my local book store and inquired where I could find the next in the series. And my little heart broke when I found out I couldn’t get it for two more years.




But, other than HP, I wasn’t interested in other books meant for younger readers. I figured that HP had to be a one off and that the books I remember reading when I was a teen that were geared for teens were pretty awful. I went on like that for a few more years, devouring each new HP and disdaining all other books written for a younger demographic.




Then when I was thirty I met a new girl at work and we really clicked. She was also a huge reader and we could happily spend hours in the same room not speaking and just reading near each other. (Seven years later we still do that.) We traded books back and forth all the time and she was very into YA paranormal. I had always secretly enjoyed paranormal romances and wanted to see what she saw in her books. She started me on the Vampire Academy series and again I was super impressed with the level of detail in the books. From there I kept adding YA paranormal to my reading list. The Hush Hush series, Mortal Instruments, House of Night, and more started finding places on my book shelves. Eventually I started to branch out to non-Paranormal YA books. Rainbow Rowell and John Green were read and If I Stay was passed around to everyone I knew.

The worlds built in YA currently surpass what I see when I read “adult” books. The emotional arcs are more powerful and the characters tend to be very well developed. Now YA is not perfect, the absent and or unconcerned parent, insta-love and more follow through YA. But there are things that I see constantly in other books that drive me nuts too, like the breaking up over what someone else told you that is rampant in romance type books.

So I totally admit that I was wrong and I am glad I have had a chance to read such fantastic books the last few years.




Now when I see teens reading books I love I want to talk to them about the story but feel like that may be a step too far.

So tell me, what do you read YA? Why or why not?


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6 responses to “Saturday Soapbox – You Make Me Feel So Young

  1. Nice post. I didn’t read much YA until I started blogging, and now I read quite a bit. I agree there’s a lot of good stuff going on in YA, and I’ve read a few YA contemps I thought were pretty fantastic, so yeah I think they have a lot to offer. They’re not all great of course, but there is good stuff out there. I read a lot of fantasy/SF and sometimes I think the YA shelves have better stuff on that genre than the actual F/SF section.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #140My Profile

  2. I’ve read Children’s and YA books since I became a mother over 30 years ago, partly for professional reasons – I was also a primary school teacher for a chunk of that time. But nowadays I really enjoy many books in the YA/New Adult genre – particularly the fantasy/science fiction sections. The writing at its best is punchy and readable with a strong protagonist and engrossing plot – what’s not to like?

  3. Cali W.

    I always read books that I like. If I like it I keep reading it; YA, childrens, or adult, it doesn’t matter as long as you love to read. 🙂

  4. I’ve always read YA. I went through some tough stuff as a kid and books were there for me. I don’t know what I’d have done without them and my school’s awesome librarian. So I just never stopped. It’s comforting and there are some really awesome books out there people are missing out on because of hang ups due to age.

    I have a particularly weakness for fantasy and sci-fi but that love defies genres.

  5. I completely loved the House of Night series! The VA is also one of my favorites – and of course, life isn’t complete without having Harry Potter in your life… I was never big on younger books either, until I decided to read the House of Night series.. I was hooked then! Even though they are for ages younger than me – the writing spoke to me just the same as books meant for people my age. I think it is all about how YOU connect with the books, no matter the age limit.

  6. Jessie

    I have always been a fan of YA and teen fiction. I wish people were more open to reading it because there are some very good books out there.